IMG_0432 Welcome, I am so happy you have stopped by and visited my blog.  Skinification was a very fun blog I had for a couple years.  One day, I went to repair the site and accidentally installed a new format which deleted my site in its entirety.  All the posts, all the hard work and research I had done for those two years were GONE!  I was devastated but also ready for a new change.

There is more to me than just skincare, I am a licensed Massage Therapist, still work in the spa industry, write for fun and for magazine publications, love music and find myself dancing randomly  to any given song.  Health and wellness are extremely important to me because living a balanced life is vital for longevity in today’s society.  My new blog will discuss more than just skin, it will discuss my well-rounded knowledge of wellness as a whole.

This blog is my own opinion.  I write with a disclaimer, certain things may not be good for you so always make sure to check with your health care provider before trying something new to you.