Stem Cells in Products

Animal cell vs. Plant cell.
Animal cell vs. Plant cell.

Stem Cell, defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a simple cell in the body that is able to develop into any one of various cells (such as blood cells, skin cells, etc.).  A cell is the building blocks of the body, a very tiny particle that when combined together with other cells form all living things.  Stem cells then, can be found in plants and animals.

doublestemcellTechnology has now allowed the advancement of stem cell use in skincare products.  Stem cells have been clinically proven to help restore and repair skin cells which is extremely important with helping to fight aging skin.  Most of the stem cells come from Swiss apples, grapes and other fruit plants but there are a very small portion of stem cells that come from humans.


Is this legal?  How can skincare products use human stem cells?  American CryoStem is a skincare line that uses your own fatty tissue in combination with proprietary skincare ingredients to create a firming serum, moisturizer and eye cream.


fat-stem-cell-therapy-procedure-step-1This is taking stem cells in your body from your fat and making products that will help with anti-aging.  Of course, these are not cheap products, costs are in the thousands, and your products won’t be in your hand when you leave the doctor’s office from your mini liposuction extraction for your products.  The suctioned out fat then is taken to another location where it is combined with other ingredients and locked up in a cooling chamber where it will reside for future product making for you. If you have the money, patience and don’t fear a mini liposuction, then this would be a good use for recycling cells from your body.

pluripotentstemcellsAmerican CryoStem uses your own skin cells from fat but scientists have found a way to use human stem cells for skincare that is ethically accepted.  It is called, Non-Embryonic Pluripotent Human Stem Cells.  These are the most powerful stem cells because they have the potential to become any cell in the body.  How is this done?  Women donate their eggs to science knowing that they are being used solely for their eggs stem cells.  The unfertilized eggs then divide and once when they get to a certain stage of dividing, the stem cells are taken out.  The donors DNA is removed and proteins within the stem cells, such as the fibroblast, collagen and elastin are carefully centrifuged (a highly-effective way of scientific particle separation) and used as the human growth factor in skincare products.  Because the eggs are not being fertilized with sperm, there is no Y chromosome involved, so there is no potential for human life and this makes it ethically lawful for use in skincare products and scientific research.

skin-care-honey-combThere are some companies that choose to use the Non-Embryonic “Pluripotent” Human Stem Cells and others use the Plant Stem Cells.  Plant stem cells closely mimic our human skin cells but are not as potent as the “Pluripotent” Human Stem Cells.  Stem cells are being used more and more in skincare product lines and produce great results on the skin.  Many manufacturers are finding these results beneficial for their consumers and when consumers are visibly able to see a difference in their skin after a shorter duration of consistent use, manufacturer’s will continue adding stem cells to their products.