The Cure Sheer Cream

When it comes to a BB cream that is moisturizing, smooth and even-toned, Natura Bisse’s, The Cure Sheer Cream, is a must have!    Formulated with Natura Bisse’s prided protein blend and other ingredients that indulge the skin with the richness of supreme quality, this product is one of the best finishing moisturizers I have come across.

The color of the cream is a light brown and when applied to the skin it biomimically connects to the skin tone and blends in flawlessly. It can be used on most skin types. I have found it does not blend well with skin tone’s V-VI, it gives the skin a greyish hue.

The cream also has an SPF of 20 which allows for some protection through out the day.  A little bit goes a long ways so even though you’re spending $180.00 for the product, if used  correctly this product should be able to last the allotted three months.

Natura Bisse receives 4.5 Stars.

Solar Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen

moisturising-sun-protectionmesoesticMesoestetic Solar Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50+ is in the top 10 of sunscreens for me.  This product is white when it comes out of the container but blends in evenly and smoothly onto the skin.  It is very soothing to the skin and I like to use it at night sometimes as a treatment for my skin to assist in healing the skin as I sleep.  There is no streaking and it does not come off easily from my skin as I sweat during workouts.

This sunscreen is great for people who suffer from dry skin and/or receive chemical peels and laser treatments.  Those who have oily skin will find this product to be too oily for them. It is non-comedogenic and has not caused my skin to break out from using it.

Solar Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50+ receives 5 Stars.



Mesoestetic Tinted Sunscreen

Mesoestetic Dermalogical Sun Protection SPF50+ (4) (1)Mesoestetic Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ is unfortunately, one of the biggest disappointments that I have come across.  I was excited to try this product because I really like this brand of products and love every product I have used of theirs, until this one.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the tint as I was squeezing into my palm and was eager to put it on my face.  As I started rubbing the sunscreen onto my skin, I felt like I was using spackle, it was not easy to apply the mattified sunscreen and I had to keep coming back to certain areas on my skin to spread the product more evenly.  Once when I was able to finish applying it on my skin as best as I could, my skin looked two shades lighter.  I am naturally a skin type III but have received a little bit of a suntan and am a skin type IV now, this shade still would not have been good for my untanned, natural skin type III.  I looked like I was sick, with a greyish-hue on my skin.

This sunscreen is designed for sensitive and oily skin types, I am a perfect combination, where I am more oily on my t-zone and dry on the other areas of my face.  Even where my skin was oily, it was hard for the sunscreen to apply and kept streaking.  I wanted to add oil to help apply this product but I did not.

As far as wearing this sunscreen in the sun, I spent a few hours in the sun where I was active and the product was dripping off my skin like white milk.  Landing on my clothes leaving white, dewy drops wherever it fell.  The product was gone after that happened, leaving my skin where it had been removed, exposed to the sun.

To say the least, I felt like my skin was dry, too light in color and exposed.

Mesoestetic Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ receives 1 star.


I like that Mesoestetic understands the importance of physical sunscreens and set out to make this product one.

Sunscreen for Babies

babyganicssunscreenBabyganics- Mineral-based sunscreen 50+ SPF is a great broad spectrum sunscreen for your special baby.  With the physical filter of zinc oxide, this sunscreen will provide the best UVB and UVA protection on your baby’s skin.  The other ingredients help to add moisture to the skin which will keep your baby’s skin as soft as can be.  The ingredient list is by far one of the greatest concoctions of skin protection from the sun and  nourishment to the skin with the variations of vitamins C, E and K.  Other ingredients that have been added, help to allow the product to apply easily on the skin as well as provide a seal for the baby’s natural moisture to stay locked within the skin.


*This sunscreen is not just for babies and may be used on all ages and all skin types.

Babyganics-Mineral-Based Sunscreen with 50+ SPF receives 5 stars.


Apply to the skin before going into the sun.  Reapply to the skin after swimming or a prolonged time in the sun.  Make sure to rub through the scalp and on the back of the neck and ears.  Leave no exposed area of skin untouched on your baby by the sunscreen.

Understanding SPF


SPF.  We are bombarded by this three letter acronym on a daily basis.  SPF, what exactly is it really?!?


The formula used in determining the wavelengths of the sun’s rays from the sun to earth.

ultraviolet-critical-wavelength-sunscreen-protectionSPF stands for, Sun Protection Factor.  It is a formulation that has been derived by scientists to understand the amount of time our skin will be protected against certain wavelengths of the sun’s UVC, UVB and UVA rays.  Last year, the FDA changed the number on the SPF, stating that companies could no longer sell products with an SPF of 35 or higher.  This change was made because consumers were purchasing SPF with 70+, 80+, even 100+ SPF sunscreens and realized people were still getting burnt and damaging their skin.  The FDA found that consumers thought that because they were applying a high content of an SPF on their skin they did not need to reapply and this caused misuse by the consumers.  They then have found that the SPF of 35 was not high enough and so they changed the SPF again and now no product can obtain an SPF over their number factor of 50+.


SPF-Sun-Protection-Factor-Chart-GuideHow does the number factor work?  Say it takes your skin 10 minutes to burn when exposed to the sun.  If you use an SPF of 30, multiply the 10 minutes X the 30 (SPF number) and you total 300 minutes.  Take the 300 and divide it by 60 (the amount of minutes in an hour) and the new number now becomes 5.  This means you are able to have your skin exposed to the sun for 5 hours wearing an SPF 30 on your skin.  The chart on the right is a good guideline of taking your Fitzpatrick skin type and quantifying the SPF number and the amount of time your skin is protected.

beach-volleyballSPF can be ineffective if your body sweats a lot, participating in outdoor activities that make you perspire, swimming and coming in and out of the water and/or having contact with the skin by rubbing the product with SPF in it off.  It is important to reapply when you see your skin becoming red or you have been active to make sure the SPF can provide the best protection possible.



The sun protection factor has been formulated to prevent dangers that the sun can cause, such as: skin cancer, aging and wrinkling.  Use it daily even if you’re not going to be playing in the sun, the sun’s rays are very strong and can penetrate through windows and even can touch your skin on cloudy days.  Refer back to the SPF chart for your skin type at any time if you need to know which SPF number your skin needs.

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen

sun-protection-chemical-sunscreenProtection from the sun is important when it comes to your skin.  There are two kinds of sunscreen that can be used on your skin:  physical and chemical.  The difference between the two is that physical sunscreens use physical filters and chemical sunscreens use chemical filters.

The chart table below is data both the EPA (Environmental and Protection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have made for the “filter” ingredients used in sunscreen that are either chemical or physical.


Notice that most ingredients protect against UVB rays but not too many protect against UVA rays which are more damaging to the integrity of the skin penetrating deeper into the skin’s layering as seen in the graph below.


Physical sunscreen has two ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which help protect against both UVA and UVB rays and make physical sunscreens the better choice to wear on your skin for sun protection.  The physical sunscreen will reflect the sun’s light as it shines down on the skin and chemical sunscreens absorb the sun’s light providing no protection for the skin.



Physical sunscreen does not absorb into the skin easily when applied like chemical sunscreens do, often leaving a white film on the skin.  When it comes to wearing sunscreen, a physical sunscreen allows to protect against a broad spectrum of rays; whereas, a chemical sunscreen will not add enough protection to the skin allowing the sun to pass thru the skin’s layers.



Face Mask with Sea Lavender

facemaskwithsealavenderMade by Apivita, face mask with sea lavender, is a mask that when applied causes a cooling effect.  Great for skin that has been exposed to sun, this mask is good for all skin types.  The sea lavender grows abundantly on the shores of the sea and hydrates the skin as well as enhances the production of collagen and renewing of the skin.  The combination of honey, shea butter and aloe help to soften the skin and give the skin a sensation of coolness and rejuvenation.

Apply the mask onto clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes.  Rinse the mask off with cool water.  This mask can be used on areas of the body too, to treat mild sunburns, on the back, chest and arms.

face mask with sea lavender receives 5 Stars.5stars1

Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed

academiephytopeelingIt is not everyday that you come across a creamy exfoliation product like this, academie Scientifque de beaute’s, Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed, where it can cater to ALL SKIN TYPES.  This exfoliator is extremely gentle and full of properties from the sea.  Algae extract, Diatomeas (single-celled bacteria found in the sea; plankton) and coral powder are three ingredients that add a little bit of the sea into the product.

The Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed is a gommage, once applied to the skin, alternate fingers back and forth to cause a mechanical exfoliation on the skin.  The gommage looks and feels like a micronized Boba Tea.  The coral beads in the creamy exfoliator feel a little wet and rubbery.  Move the product around the skin on the face until the product starts to dry, then rinse with cool water.

The calming and soothing effects of the combined sea ingredients makes this a great exfoliator for the most sensitive of skin types, rosacea and mild sunburns. The only contraindication would be someone who is allergic to any iodine or shellfish, just to keep it on the safe side.

Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed receives 5 Stars.5stars1

Oligomer Pure

oligomerbathOne of the best bath products I have ever used is Phytomer’s, Oligomer Pure, Lyophilized (freeze-dry) Sea Water Bath.  This literally is like taking a bath in the sea with 104 trace elements of all the active components of seawater.  Phytomer created a way to bring the sea into your bath water at home.

Clinically proven to relieve tension, give the feeling of well-being and soothe skin, Oligomer Pure is great for everyday stresses.  Add the Oligomer Pure to warm bath water and soak in it for 20 minutes.  This is my favorite bath product to use after a very stressful day or when my muscles are sore and tired.

Oligomer Pure receives 5 Stars.5stars1