Arnica Oil to Treat Bruises and Muscle Soreness

The Arnica Montana plant.
The Arnica Montana plant.

I was first introduced to the “wonder muscle” treatment, Arnica Montana Oil, when I worked at Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian as a Massage Therapist.  We used it for our sports massage because it helped with swelling, muscle soreness and bruising.  I also fell in love with the oil because of its name, Arnica MONTANA, being born and raised in Montana how could I not love this oil.

I saw the benefits the Arnica Oil had as I would massage it into the athletic bodies that were used to micro-tearing their muscle fibers on a daily basis.  It was easier for me to work deeper into the muscle, stripping the tightened muscles away from the attachments that usually were the culprits of causing pain in the muscles.

sports massage 1Arnica Oil is not the best smelling oil, in fact, it’s one of the most potent, most recognizable smells I have worked with.  Some days it was hard for me to do a lot of sports massage, not because of the deeper pressure and harder work it is for me physically but because the smell would become overbearing at times.  Arnica Montana oil truly does have a medicinal scent.

ArnicarcreamGrown in more mountainous regions, Arnica Montana oil is from the daisy perennial flower.  Growing anywhere from one two feet high, the yellow petals with the orange center flowers blossom only one to three blossoms per plant.  The roots and the flowers are what is used from the Arnica plant.

benefits arnica oilArnica Montana oil is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.  It can be taken orally, purchased at a health market or online, or applied topically as an oil or cream.  This is great to use before and after any injectables, such as botox and fillers, which can cause a little swelling and bruising at the injection site, before and after any sporting event when muscles are being exerted to their maximum potential, and after an injury on bruises, muscle spasms and sprains.  Arnica Montana oil has also been shown to help treat insect bites, rashes, chest pain and bowel movements as well.

arnicamedicineArnica cream is best for use on the face when receiving injectables and the Arnica oil is better for rubbing into the body for sore muscles.  Either the cream or the oil would be good for spot treating bruises on the body.  This is one herbal remedy that would be a great addition to your medicine cabinet.