Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed

academiephytopeelingIt is not everyday that you come across a creamy exfoliation product like this, academie Scientifque de beaute’s, Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed, where it can cater to ALL SKIN TYPES.  This exfoliator is extremely gentle and full of properties from the sea.  Algae extract, Diatomeas (single-celled bacteria found in the sea; plankton) and coral powder are three ingredients that add a little bit of the sea into the product.

The Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed is a gommage, once applied to the skin, alternate fingers back and forth to cause a mechanical exfoliation on the skin.  The gommage looks and feels like a micronized Boba Tea.  The coral beads in the creamy exfoliator feel a little wet and rubbery.  Move the product around the skin on the face until the product starts to dry, then rinse with cool water.

The calming and soothing effects of the combined sea ingredients makes this a great exfoliator for the most sensitive of skin types, rosacea and mild sunburns. The only contraindication would be someone who is allergic to any iodine or shellfish, just to keep it on the safe side.

Phyto-Peeling with Seaweed receives 5 Stars.5stars1