Face Mask with Sea Lavender

facemaskwithsealavenderMade by Apivita, face mask with sea lavender, is a mask that when applied causes a cooling effect.  Great for skin that has been exposed to sun, this mask is good for all skin types.  The sea lavender grows abundantly on the shores of the sea and hydrates the skin as well as enhances the production of collagen and renewing of the skin.  The combination of honey, shea butter and aloe help to soften the skin and give the skin a sensation of coolness and rejuvenation.

Apply the mask onto clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes.  Rinse the mask off with cool water.  This mask can be used on areas of the body too, to treat mild sunburns, on the back, chest and arms.

face mask with sea lavender receives 5 Stars.5stars1