Sunscreen for Babies

babyganicssunscreenBabyganics- Mineral-based sunscreen 50+ SPF is a great broad spectrum sunscreen for your special baby.  With the physical filter of zinc oxide, this sunscreen will provide the best UVB and UVA protection on your baby’s skin.  The other ingredients help to add moisture to the skin which will keep your baby’s skin as soft as can be.  The ingredient list is by far one of the greatest concoctions of skin protection from the sun and  nourishment to the skin with the variations of vitamins C, E and K.  Other ingredients that have been added, help to allow the product to apply easily on the skin as well as provide a seal for the baby’s natural moisture to stay locked within the skin.


*This sunscreen is not just for babies and may be used on all ages and all skin types.

Babyganics-Mineral-Based Sunscreen with 50+ SPF receives 5 stars.


Apply to the skin before going into the sun.  Reapply to the skin after swimming or a prolonged time in the sun.  Make sure to rub through the scalp and on the back of the neck and ears.  Leave no exposed area of skin untouched on your baby by the sunscreen.