Mesoestetic Tinted Sunscreen

Mesoestetic Dermalogical Sun Protection SPF50+ (4) (1)Mesoestetic Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ is unfortunately, one of the biggest disappointments that I have come across.  I was excited to try this product because I really like this brand of products and love every product I have used of theirs, until this one.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the tint as I was squeezing into my palm and was eager to put it on my face.  As I started rubbing the sunscreen onto my skin, I felt like I was using spackle, it was not easy to apply the mattified sunscreen and I had to keep coming back to certain areas on my skin to spread the product more evenly.  Once when I was able to finish applying it on my skin as best as I could, my skin looked two shades lighter.  I am naturally a skin type III but have received a little bit of a suntan and am a skin type IV now, this shade still would not have been good for my untanned, natural skin type III.  I looked like I was sick, with a greyish-hue on my skin.

This sunscreen is designed for sensitive and oily skin types, I am a perfect combination, where I am more oily on my t-zone and dry on the other areas of my face.  Even where my skin was oily, it was hard for the sunscreen to apply and kept streaking.  I wanted to add oil to help apply this product but I did not.

As far as wearing this sunscreen in the sun, I spent a few hours in the sun where I was active and the product was dripping off my skin like white milk.  Landing on my clothes leaving white, dewy drops wherever it fell.  The product was gone after that happened, leaving my skin where it had been removed, exposed to the sun.

To say the least, I felt like my skin was dry, too light in color and exposed.

Mesoestetic Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+ receives 1 star.


I like that Mesoestetic understands the importance of physical sunscreens and set out to make this product one.