Professional Poker Player Grows Ill Without Sun

poker faceThe World Series of Poker is taking place in Las Vegas right now and I have been receiving some of the players as clients.  One in particular, who’s sole income is from being a professional poker player, came to me and shared his story with me as I was massaging him.  After he told me his story, he asked me if I knew much about vitamin D deficiency, I responded by saying, “funny thing you ask me, I’m a blogger and I just wrote about vitamin D on my website, so I know about what you are telling me”.  He then asked me if I would share his story on my blog in which I gladly replied, “Yes.”

Here is his story as told to me:

“I never use to be the spa type of person until recently.  I got extremely ill in which my body started shutting down, I had a hard time walking, my nerves were constantly on fire and my neurological system was off, I felt like I had vertigo all the time.  My muscles atrophied and my entire body was weak, I thought I was near my last days.

You see, I’m a professional poker player.  I make my living gambling.  I’ve dropped down to zero came up 100 k, dropped down to zero, came up 200 k, dropped down to zero.  This is the roller coaster of my life.  I’ve lived in an apartment with no furniture but a laptop and  a blanket where I just had a place to sleep on the floor.  I’m a risk taker and found in my early twenties that I wanted to make playing poker my profession and so I learned from the best world champion poker player there is and haven’t looked back.

About eight months ago I was in Aruba gambling.  If I wasn’t gambling online, then I was gambling somewhere where poker was available to play.  I only do “cash” poker, I found that to be better money.  When I start gambling, I’m all in.  It’s work for me so I will gamble long hours, taking little care of my body.  I didn’t eat the best food for me, I was lacking a lot of sleep and was always inside.  My health started dwindling and I knew that I needed to go back home to the states.

When I got home after spending six months in Aruba, I went and saw my doctor.  He ran a lot of tests and one of the near diagnosis was ALS.  My fiance was in medical school before and she didn’t think that I had ALS so she started doing some research.  She found out that what was making my health so extremely bad, was from vitamin D deficiency.  All of my symptoms were attributed from lack of sun exposure, good vitamin D.

When I was in Aruba, staying in doors all the time not getting sun and rest made me sick.  When I did go outside, I was wearing long sleeve shirts and a baseball cap.  My skin was never directly exposed to the sun and I grew very ill.

Once when my fiance realized this was the cause, I started taking vitamin D supplements, getting massages to help with the nerve pain and body aches I had, and I started taking creatine. I went to GNC and found the old shcool creatine, the creatine that is monosaturated.  The monosaturated creatine is the best form of creatine to help rebuild the muscles because it is designed to give more water to the muscle.  I’ve already gained back 20 pounds and my muscles aren’t as atrophied as they were.  I still have some more muscle building and getting regular massages is helping me to repair at a faster rate.

Vitamin D deficiency is serious, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.  My fiance saved me by helping me find that this was the cause for my poor health state.  The doctor was going to start running tests on me for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) because they couldn’t figure out why my body and nerves were in the state they were in.  I’m feeling a lot better, I’d say that I am at 70%, I still have 30% more to get me back to where I was before I got sick.  I will never go to the extreme of poker playing as I was where my health came last.”