What Wellness is To Me?

Mel Zuckerman, founder of Canyon Ranch.

Mel Zuckerman, founder of Canyon Ranch.

I remember the first time I heard the word Wellness.  I had just been hired by Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian and was attending the orientation where the founder and owner (at that time), Mel Zuckerman, educated me with exactly what it meant to him.  Wellness meant that you choose to live a healthy lifestyle that enhances your overall well-being. A healthy lifestyle meant taking care of your body, mind and spirit through alternative therapies, spiritual pursuits and consuming food that would nurture your body.

WellNess-Day-700x233On Saturday, June 13th, the world celebrated Global Wellness Day.  People around the globe chose to be well.  To partake in an activity that would exercise the body, fuel the spirit and feed the mind.  People are taking charge of their health and starting to triangulate the infrastructure of their own wellness.  The great thing about wellness is that each individual has their own kind of way to achieving their wellness.

indianladyWellness activities for me are reading, walking in nature, talking to my girlfriends, spending time with family, exercising, eating a good variety of food, praying, dancing, singing, playing the piano, writing, taking baths, taking care of my skin, inhaling, exhaling….the list continues on to whatever brings me joy and peace.




Wellness is the state of harmony, patiently serving our inner-self.  To keep our heartbeat in rhythm to the universe, beating inter-connected to the existence of infinite space is wellness to me.  To know that we are all entwined within the wavelengths of light that produce the energy we create is wellness to me.  Wellness is our divine grace and the more we become aware of it, we can partake in it.