I-Image Vital C

VITAL-C-line-1When it comes to skincare collections and pairing, I-Image has succeeded in creating the optimal anti-aging, vitamin C line.  Each and every one of their Vital C products are extremely beneficial to the skin carrying rich antioxidants that help to combat sun damage, rosacea, aging, and environmental stressors such as smoking and pollution.  There is not one that is better than the other, they all have their own purpose on the skin which is to act as a treatment to the skin by repairing it and acting as an anti-inflammatory for it.

I-Image has 7 products in there Vital C collection.  They are:

vital_c_hydrating_facial_cleanser1.  Hydrating Facial Cleanser.  A cleanser that does not foam but is a creamy cleanser, gentle on the skin and effectively removes dirt and grime from the skin.

vitalcantiagingserum2.  Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum.  A serum that is not water soluble.  Of lotion content, this serum helps to penetrate into the skin providing it with a rich light-weigh moisture.

imageskincarevitalchydratingrepaircreme3.  Hydrating Repair Cream.  This is a great cream to wear at night while your skin is repairing as you sleep.  Also great for skin that has had some sun exposure and a little red, it will help to soothe the mild sunburn.

vitalchydratingeyerecoverygel4.  Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel.  To help awaken and revitalize tired and overworked eyes.

imagehydratingenzymemasque25.  Hydrating Enzyme Mask.  Use this mask as an exfoliation.  Once applied, the skin may feel a little warm tingling.  The enzyme is eating away those dead skin cells allowing your skin to revitalize the new skin cells.

vital-c-hydrating-ace-serum6.  Hydrating Ace Serum.  This water-soluble serum penetrates deeper into the skin than the Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum.  For a great treatment for the skin.  Use the Hydrating Ace Serum first and layer it with the Hydrating Anit-Aging Serum.

hydratingintensemoisturizer7.  Hydrating Intense Moisturizer.  Heavier than the Hydrating Repair Cream, this cream is great for dry and rosacea prone skin.

*Notice that every product in the Vital C collection starts with the word, HYDRATING, each product helps to add moisture to the skin leaving it with a glowing, refreshed look and feel.

I-Image Vital C Collection receives 5 STARS.