Liquid Bandage

imageThis is a must-have in your medicine cabinet/first aid kit, New-Skin Liquid Bandage. I was turned on to this liquid bandage when I first started in the spa industry. Being that my hands are my livelihood, any knick, cut or injury can put me out of service. Needless to say, I am protective of my hands but occasionally will come across a small cut here and there.

New-Skin has been able to keep me employed.  Any small cut or little wound I may have, I cover with the liquid bandage and am protected against exposing my hands to the environment.  It is a first aid antiseptic which is ideal for my kind of work.

The application is like using a fingernail polish. Unscrew the top and gently brush over he small cut or wound. Because of the antiseptic properties in the liquid bandage, there may be a burst of stinging on the open wound.  This is killing any bacteria within the wound. Reapply until the wound is completely covered and let it air dry.

The liquid bandage over time will start to flake and peel. DO NOT PULL OF THE FLAKING NEW-SKIN OVER THE WOUND.  Pulling off the flaking New-Skin directly over the wound will re-open the wound. I have found that reapplying over the older new skin is best. It may become a little thicker but not by much and is better for the healing process of the skin.

New-Skin Liquid Bandage receives 5 STARS. 5stars1