Look For a Pattern


Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex of Atlanticus, a game of finding patterns.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex of Atlanticus, a game of finding patterns.

I like to read inspirational books in regards to business and success.  One of my favorite books is, 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People, (What Scientists have learned and how you can use it.) written by David Niven, Ph.D.  In chapter 32 of the book, he states, “Great thinkers notice patterns”.  He continues writing about how people who notice patterns can decipher what goes along with what that others are unable to recognize.

I think that Dr. David Niven’s theory can applied to skincare.  As an Aesthetician, when I’m looking at my client’s skin, I look for patterns.  These patterns can be physical, what I am directly looking at, at that specific time on each client.  These patterns can be habitual, what common habits do my clients have in common.  These patterns can also be environmental, what types of external elements are my clients being exposed to.

smokingacigaretteIt is the commonality of certain patterns I notice, that I then can make a deduction.  For instance, cigarette smoke creates a yellow hue on the skin around the upper lip, chin and fingers used to hold the cigarette.  This staining on the skin is due to the carcinogenic factor of the smoke emitted from the cigarette.  The same thing applies to weed, cigars, pipe smoking, etc., the only variance is the shade of the hue changing from yellow to a greyish-brown.  Smoking also causes premature aging, fine lines appear faster along the lips and crows feet around the eyes.

When I see certain patterns, I am able to treat the skin with the right kind of products and devices.  Knowing what creates what allows me to better apply the proper care.  You don’t have to be an Aesthetician or Dermatologist to notice patterns within your own skin.  Use your acute sensibility to what you see on your own skin.  Look for a pattern that distinguishes certain results.  If your eyes get puffy after eating sushi the day before, observe the salt intake of the soy sauce you used to marinate the sushi you ate.  Drink water to relieve that excess water retention being held under the eyes.

man-looking-in-the-mirror1Look for a pattern within your skin and create your own skin success.  Fine tune your awareness when you’re applying product on the skin and see how your skin reacts, is it good or is the response bad?  We usually notice when something is bad with our skin because our skin will let you know by turning a different color, (mostly red) and even break out in a rash.  When that type of reaction occurs with a product then we are quicker to notice it and refrain from causing that bad reaction again.  Seeing patterns with your skin and relating it to your habits, environmental exposure and physical appearance will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your skin.

What is a Cold Cream?

coldcreamjarI had forgotten about the good ‘ole cold cream’s until I was reviewing Caswell-Massey’s products.  Cold creams have been widely used for centuries but we don’t hear about them much anymore.  I’d like to bring cold creams back.

I remember my grandmother and my mother using cold creams nightly to remove makeup.  I would sit in their bathroom, starring at this thick, white cream that looked like thickened heavy cream and remembering that when I got older, I wanted to be just like them.  It looked so elegant, the way they would swoop their delicate fingertips into the jar and gracefully apply it all over their face and neck.  They looked like movie stars but much more beautiful and alluring.  As I got older, my mother stopped using the cold creams and turned to the more modern products, as great as it worked for my mother’s skin, there was a part of sophistication that was lost.

mancoldcreamWhat exactly is a cold cream?  It is the simple combination of water and certain fats, usually beeswax, and different scents.  Cold creams were made to help smooth skin and remove makeup.  They got the name “Cold Cream” because it was cold when applied on the skin.  Although white in the jar, when mixed with the heat on the skin, the fats would warm and the white coloring would vanish.  These were great cleansing moisturizers for the skin.

10 Apr 1953, Ravello, Italy --- Gina Lollobrigida Applying Face Cream --- Image by ©  /ANSA/Corbis

10 Apr 1953, Ravello, Italy — Gina Lollobrigida Applying Face Cream — Image by © /ANSA/Corbis


Cold creams have been used for over 2000 years and some of the older woman I have as clients, that’s all they have ever used and their skin looks absolutely beautiful, supple and youthful.  To me, cold cream is glamour, luxury, and a product that will forever be timeless.

Caswell-Massey Bar Soap and Hand Cream Review

As I write this review, I am in a delightful trance caused by the scent of the glorious Gardenia Hand Cream by Caswell-Massey.  I can’t stop smelling one of my favorite floral scents and I don’t want to stop smelling it either.  I feel like I am walking in a tropical forest laced with evergreen shrubs where Gardenia’s are in full bloom.  Caswell-Massey did an amazing job of capturing this divine scent and welcoming it to my olfactory nerve, awakening a serene response to my mind.

caswellmasseygardeniahandcreamCaswell-Massey has a wonderful history.  Founded in 1752, it started with Dr. Hunter, who at that time, used it as an apothecary where he made and prescribed medicine.  Creams, ointments and fragrances were also made by him which became the luxurious staple of face and body care throughout America’s centuries, gaining the notoriety of our first president, George Washington and many presidents thereafter.

caswellmasseyalmond&aloesoapbarThe Almond & Aloe Bar Soap was extremely moisturizing to my hands.  As I was washing my skin, the soap created a rich lather that felt like lotion on my hands.  The almond scent was extremely subtle, a small hint of it filled the air, just enough to say hello.  After I rinsed my hands, the skin was not dry like how most emulsifying cleansers leave my skin, on the contrary, my skin was moisturized.

The combination of the two products, the Gardenia Hand Cream and the Almond & Aloe Bar Soap, syngeneic in some aspects due to the repetition of the almond and aloe properties, create the right amount of moisture to the skin.  No slippery film was left behind on my hands, the wonderful ingredients that I rubbed into my skin, stayed on my skin.  To not have oil transference from my hands, to items that I touched afterwards, was quite wonderful.

*In my video review I stated that it was started in 752, Caswell-Massey started in 1752.  I apologize to Caswell-Massey for misstating their establishing date.

Caswell-Massey Hand Cream receives 5 Stars.


Caswell-Massey Almond & Aloe Bar Soap receives 5 Stars.


I encourage you to go to the Caswell-Massey website and see their collections.  I really like the “fun” products they have with the NOVELTY SOAPS and their GIFT selections.  This is truly a deep-rooted, American-based company, which has fancied the likes of affluent, historical figures and have stayed true to the original ideals of Dr. Hunter and that apothecary store established in 1752 on the streets of Newport, Rhode Island.


Your True Skin Shows at the Age of 35

My childhood bestfriend Rachel and I.  Laying out on the dock at my family's lake in the summer of 1992.

My childhood bestfriend Rachel and I. Laying out on the dock at my family’s lake in the summer of 1992.

I read in some fashion and beauty magazine a year ago an article about tips Dermatologists had on skincare.  One stood out the most.  The doctor stated, “At the age of 35, your skin shows what you deserve.”  What he meant by that statement, is that any sun damage or poor skincare regimens you did prior to being 35 will appear.  I would have to testify to the truth of his statement.

As soon as I hit 35 years young, all the photodamage appeared on my skin.  The Microdermabrasions, the Fractional Pixel Laser resurfacing gone bad, the horrible, blistering sunburns I received as a child all came to the surface.  Hyperpigmentation that had been lingering within the melanocytes made their debut in full force.  Little did I know they had been setting the stage for their appearance every time my skin received photodamage.  For 35 years I unknowingly gave them a story to tell about my life and it had been exposed.

“Your skin shows what you deserve.”

Wow!  That is such a powerful statement.  Why should I deserve to have great skin?  I was careless about my skin for 24 years until I became an Aesthetician but by that time, I had already done extensive damage to my skin.  I was careless.  I didn’t wear sunscreen, laid out with my sisters and girlfriends with any kind of oil I could rub on my entire body.  My body lotion was the same lotion I used on my face.

That Dermatologist is completely right.  I deserve the skin I have now.  So for everyone under the age of 35, be mindful of what you are doing to your skin.  Make sure to wear sunscreen and protect your skin from photodamage and premature aging.  You cannot reverse the damage that has been done.



Anti-Itch Soothing Cream

natralia_anti-itch_soothing_cream_front_group_rgbThis is the first product that I have been able to use that helps to relieve irritated skin, treat small, allergic rashes superficially on the skin without having a steroid in any of the ingredients.  Hydrocortisone has always been my go-to product if my kids or myself were experiencing dry, itchy, irritated skin but it is a steroid cream.  Using a steroid topically on the skin starts to thin the skin out over a prolonged use.  The thinning of the skin will create sensitivity to the skin and possibly even more irritation so I was always mindful of when I needed to stop use and waiting a period of time before the next application.  That is what I love about this product!  I don’t have to stop use or wait in between uses because there is no steroid.

My son, Maximus, has extremely sensitive skin and every now and then will experience an allergic response on his skin to the environmental pollutants in the Las Vegas air.  I had him use Natralia’s Anti-Itch Soothing Cream instead of the Hydrocortisone cream and he received the exact same results, within a couple days, the red bumps on his skin were gone.  It really made me happy to know that he wasn’t putting another steroid on his skin to treat his unfortunate allergy.

What makes this product even better is the cooling effect you instantly feel on your skin when applied.  Made with a 0.6% active ingredient of Menthol, which naturally is a topical analgesic, the skin is soothed immediately from the desires of wanting to scratch any itchiness.  Safe for any ages, apply this product on itchy, irritated, inflammed skin and receive a gentle approach to nature’s forgiveness.

Natralia’s Anti-Itch Soothing Cream receives 5 Stars.





Distilled White Vinegar Bath to Treat Sunburns

willferrelsunburnSpending a day at the beach is one of my favorite things to do but spending a week in burnt skin afterwards is like what I’d imagine a little taste of hell’s inferno to be like or one of Will Ferrell’s characters on film.

Heinz-Distilled-White-vinegar One of the best home remedies I was told years ago was to use an entire small bottle of Distilled White Vinegar in a lukewarm bath and soak in it for 20 minutes.  The vinegar is soothing on the skin and helps to take away some of the redness because it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

When I experience a full body burn like Will Ferrell’s on the left, I give myself the Distilled White Vinegar bath treatment.  It may not smell heavenly but it works every time.

Dry Skin Lotion and Wash

natralia_dry_skin_lotion_250ml_765fl-3_rgbI have to admit, the Dry Skin Lotion product by Natralia was one that had to grow on me.  I was not thrilled with it when I first used it, nor the second or third time.  I’m so used to using products for dry skin that have a more thick consistency and oil content, this product had neither and it kept throwing me off my logical reasoning.

I was persistent on retrying this product that once when my reasoning became altered, I grew to like the lotion.  Being that I live in Las Vegas, a desert, having dry skin is normal.  Natralia claims that the Dry Skin Lotion has a 24 hour Moisture Lock and increases the skin’s hydration by %50 and I can verify the validity of their claim.  My skin stayed moisturized during a 24 hour period, even when I was working out, the sweat beaded on top of my skin and rolled off, not drying my skin out from loss of water.

The great quality that I did really like about this product, was the fact that there is no oily residue left on the skin.  NO OILY RESIDUE left on the skin!  That is unheard of for a lotion specifically treating dry skin.  My skin felt soft and pliable; however, there was no “glow” on the skin that I’m used to when I apply lotions and creams.

The Dry Skin Lotion has no sulfates, no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances.  This is truly a natural product, designed with the only intention of providing healthy ingredients to the skin that perfectly execute the creation.  This product is great for all skin types and I would highly recommend it for people with sensitive skin and for children.

I did not like this for my face and prefer it for the use on my body.  For those who like simplistic, natural skincare regimens, this is your product.  For those like me, who have a more active ingredient skin regimen, bypass this product for your face and use it for your body care.

Natralia’s Dry Skin Lotion recieves 4.o Stars.4stars

natralia_dry_skin_wash_250ml_758fl-3_rgbUse Natralia’s Dry Skin Wash prior to applying the lotion for better results because the wash sets the skin for a greater moisture lock retention.  The Dry Skin Wash, just like the Dry Skin Lotion, is natural based and does not contain sulphates, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances.

This is a gel cleanser and is fascinating because it is SOAP FREE but still foams up when combined with water.  The wash does not strip the skin from its natural oils, yet you still feel like your skin is receiving a thorough cleanse.

Fruit Emotions, Scrub Salt, Grapefruit-Ginger

fruit-emotions-scrub-salt-grapefruit-ginger-400-grLooking for a salt scrub that will exfoliate your skin and indulge your senses at the same time…look no further.  Greenland’s hybrid of citrus and earth create the perfect combination of awakening and grounding the spirit.  Made with the salts of the Atlantic Sea, this refined scrub leaves the skin soft and lightly scented with the aroma’s of grapefruit and ginger.

IMG_1478Pour the scrub salt onto the palm of your hand, wet the salt and rub it onto the skin.  Some of the salt will dissolve during the scrub process, just keep scrubbing the salt crystals in fast, circular motions until the skin is smooth.  Be careful to not irritate the skin by over-scrubbing.

Greenland’s Fruit Emotions, Scrub Salt Grapefruit-Ginger receives 5 Stars.5stars1

Greenland has a variety of body scrubs to choose from to help satisfy your “Fruit Emotions”.

Homemade Treatment for Kids Eczema

baby-eczemaBoth of my children had eczema when they were younger.  I would see them scratching their skin to the point of even opening the dry patches to where they would bleed.  It caused them a lot of discomfort and even mild scarring from reopening the eczema from where it once bled.  It broke my heart to see them consistently scratching on their skin to soothe the itchy sensation they were feeling.  Time and time again I would go into the doctor seeking help for my kids and all they would do would write another prescription, tell me to wash their clothes in a scent free detergent, wash their bodies with a sensitive, scent-free body wash and use a eucerin lotion or another form of a scent-free, sensitive lotion.

The directions the doctor’s would give me would work for a little bit and then the eczema would return again.  I became more and more frustrated because I didn’t want to keep using a steroid to treat their eczema and I was doing everything the doctor told me.

One day, I was sitting in my Oral Communications class at the University and a fellow student was giving a presentation on “How To Make a Cream To Treat Eczema”.  This was just what I had been needing to hear.  She was a pharmaceutical technician at a local pharmacy, in school to pursue becoming a pharmacist.  She said that this was the easiest cream to make and is what the pharmacy makes when it compounds it for doctors.  Follow these easy steps.

Items Needed: Eucerin, 1% Hydrocortisone Cream, Mortar and Pestle.

equate-advanced-healing-ointment-14-oz-compare-to-eucerin-1-129481.)  Equal Parts Eucerin. I like to use the generic brand, it is cheaper than the original brand and the quality of the healing ointment is just the same.

cortizonecream2.) Equal Parts 1% Hydrocortisone cream.  Use the Hydrocortisone that does not have aloe added in it or any other ingredients that would take away from its strength.  Use a cream, not an ointment.  I always use the original brand, non-generic.  If you are using on an infant, use 0.5% Hydrocortisone.

french-kitchen-mortar-and-pestle3.)  Combine the ingredients using a Mortar and Pestle.  Using the Mortar and Pestle helps to break up the ingredients, allowing them to mix together, providing for an effective cream.  Using a spoon or whisk will not be able to break the molecular structure of the two ingredients which is what is needed for this eczema treatment. I use this exact Mortar and Pestle by Crate and Barrel which is shown in the picture above.

I only make enough to treat the skin for one application.  This way the product is always fresh when I am putting it on the skin.  You can make more to save for later.  If you choose to make a lot of the eczema treatment, then make sure to store in a tight container and put it in the refrigerator in between uses.

Ever since my classmate shared with the class this simple recipe, I have never gone back to the doctor with my kids for an eczema treatment.  This gentle treatment always cleared up the eczema and saved countless trips to the doctor and ended prescribed ointment treatments.  This treatment is good for all ages.

*Disclaimer:  This Homemade Ezcema Treatment is for mild eczema.  Chronic eczema and severe cases of eczema need to be treated by a doctor.

Soul Patch on Fleek

soulpatchThe other night I was at Whole Foods grabbing some last minute items for dinner and I was mesmerized by my cashier’s facial hair.  He had a lot of it going on but what stood out most to me was his soul patch.  While his other facial hair was gray…ish, with some age-denying strands trying to maintain its youth, his soul patch was blue.  Not only was his soul patch blue but it was long enough to do a cowboy, handlebar.

I told the cashier that I liked his style and he started showing me pictures in his phone of other styles that he has done with his facial hair and the other fanciful colors that have adorned his face.  My favorite picture he showed me was his Fourth of July style.  His mustache, soul patch, beard and “Captain Sparrow” chin braid matched the American Flag colors of red, white and blue.

“Do you know what my secret is?”, he whispered to me as he leaned over the register with a mysterious smile.

“No, please tell me,” I replied with a curious tone.

differentmascaracolors“Mascara!”, he chuckled, like Santa Clause, all jolly and spirited.  “Yep!  I go to this Halloween makeup store and buy all their different colors of mascara.  I’ve got blue, red, pink, purple and green so far.  The best part is, I just wash it out at the end of the day and do a different color depending on the holiday or my mood.”

I would have to say that his facial hair was the most unique style that I have ever seen and the best part of it was seeing how happy it made him to be so different than the normal grooming standards.  His soul patch was on fleek and he was mighty proud of it.