How To Make Your Own BB Cream

BB cream’s are one of my favorite make-up creations.  BB stands for, Beauty Balm, it is a combination of 3 ingredients: a primer, a liquid foundation and a moisturizer.  It’s a one-step application for a 3-step process and makes your face look smooth, feel soft and glowing.

How To Make Your Own BB Cream-


smashboxphotofinishprimer1.)  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I use this primer because it is one of my favorite primers for the skin.  It creates such an even-tone on the skin, which is great for a smooth application.


loreal-true-match-foundation2.)  Loreal True Match Foundation.  Loreal has such a wide variety of shades to choose from that it is easy to blend with other products and create the best match for your skin.  When making your BB cream, you will want a darker shade than what you usually wear because                                                                                 the shade will lighten when mixed with the sunscreen.



3.)  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Broad Spectrum spf 45 Sunscreen.  Like this sunscreen says on the bottle, it is a Dry-Touch sunscreen and it feels similar to an oil-free, matte, foundation.  I like to use a higher spf when I make my BB cream because the spf number will decrease when combined with other ingredients.


*When combining the three ingredients, use equal parts primer and sunscreen and start with equal parts foundation, adding a little more each time when mixing, until the shade matches your skin tone.