What is a Cold Cream?

coldcreamjarI had forgotten about the good ‘ole cold cream’s until I was reviewing Caswell-Massey’s products.  Cold creams have been widely used for centuries but we don’t hear about them much anymore.  I’d like to bring cold creams back.

I remember my grandmother and my mother using cold creams nightly to remove makeup.  I would sit in their bathroom, starring at this thick, white cream that looked like thickened heavy cream and remembering that when I got older, I wanted to be just like them.  It looked so elegant, the way they would swoop their delicate fingertips into the jar and gracefully apply it all over their face and neck.  They looked like movie stars but much more beautiful and alluring.  As I got older, my mother stopped using the cold creams and turned to the more modern products, as great as it worked for my mother’s skin, there was a part of sophistication that was lost.

mancoldcreamWhat exactly is a cold cream?  It is the simple combination of water and certain fats, usually beeswax, and different scents.  Cold creams were made to help smooth skin and remove makeup.  They got the name “Cold Cream” because it was cold when applied on the skin.  Although white in the jar, when mixed with the heat on the skin, the fats would warm and the white coloring would vanish.  These were great cleansing moisturizers for the skin.

10 Apr 1953, Ravello, Italy --- Gina Lollobrigida Applying Face Cream --- Image by ©  /ANSA/Corbis
10 Apr 1953, Ravello, Italy — Gina Lollobrigida Applying Face Cream — Image by © /ANSA/Corbis


Cold creams have been used for over 2000 years and some of the older woman I have as clients, that’s all they have ever used and their skin looks absolutely beautiful, supple and youthful.  To me, cold cream is glamour, luxury, and a product that will forever be timeless.