The Skincare Chase for Beauty

Everyone has that ideal skin they adorn.  It might be their best friend’s, their sibling’s, their parent’s, their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s skin but very rarely it is ever their own.  I have come across skin that I envied in my profession and wish that mine could be like theirs.  I never look in the mirror and am awed by own skin.

Whatever your skincare concern may be, know that you are not alone.  We are fascinated by other’s skin and how they look the way they do.  It is human nature to be curious, to desire and want to reflect what we imagine beautiful skin to be.  What may be a concern to you may not be a concern for the one you admire but it is a shared thought and longing in someone else’s mind.

It is okay to look at someone and infatuate over what you see as someone whose skin was exactly how you wish yours could be.  That longing is what pushes you to chase after the newest skincare fad and try outlandish treatments to gain your satisfaction of beauty.  You may even change your appearance entirely by structurally mimicking your fantasy of beauty becoming a forgery of disillusioned acceptance.

The skincare chase for beauty is a carpet of wanderers.  Many may tread, yearning for a pathway that could bring their desires fulfillment only finding a transparent existence that leads to the perching of a wallowing ghost.  This chase never had a happy ending because you were wanting a figurative change that bordered along the powers of reality and aritficial.

When it comes to skincare, you cannot chase beauty.  Your beauty was always there, within you.  Of course, you could enhance your beauty and bring out features that compliment the resident inside your skin but chasing after a mirage of forgery will leave you departing from what kept you unique.