Brown Sugar Coconut Cinnamon Scrub

brownsugarcinnamoncoconutscrubI walked into JoAnn Crafts last week and was pleasantly greeted with their fall-scented cinnamon pine cones. Such an awakening aroma that automatically sends my senses into reminiscent moments of shared times with family and friends around the autumn and winter holidays.  Ahhhhh…cinnamon, that fiery scent, alive and refreshing, what better scent could be used to warm the skin and invigorate the body then cinnamon. 

Make this easy recipe at home with just three ingredients:  Cinnamon Spice, Raw Brown Sugar and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Combine in a small bowl:

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon spice – Cinnamon is great for circulation and naturally is antibacterial.

1 cup Raw Brown Sugar – Crush down the raw brown sugar if the granules too big. The sugar particles when rubbed on the skin manually, will help to exfoliate off dead skin cells.  The chemical makeup off sugar naturally creates an exfoliation within the skin. Think of Raw Brown Sugar as a two for one ezfoliator.

1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- The EXTRA VIRGIN part of the Coconut Oil makes sure that you are getting the richest parts of the oil with are great for moisturizing your skin.

How to use:

Use on dry skin standing in your shower or on a large bath towel. Rub the Brown Sugar Coconut Cinnamon Scrub in upward, circular motions on your body (NOT ON YOUR FACE-the cinnamon is too strong for the delicate face area)

*A little bit goes a long ways. A three-fingered pinch of the scrub with your thumb, index finger and middle finger is the right amount of scrub you need per area on your body.