Coconut Milk Bath

Coconut-milkCoconut’s are great for both your internal and external systems.  Used in a variety of ways, one of my favorite uses of the coconut is its milk.  Packed with densely rich vitamins, soaking in a bath tub with coconut milk will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

goyacocountmilkI soak in a bath tub with Goya’s Coconut Milk from a can usually once a week.  I’ve tried a variety of coconut milk brands and found Goya’s to have the consistency that blended in the bath well.  Other brands would dissolve too much in the water but Goya is so rich and thick that I feel like I’m actually bathing in a warm bath of coconut milk.

Depending on how moisturized your want your bath to be, you can use more than one can of Goya’s Coconut Milk.  One can has always been sufficient for me.  The scent is very light which is ideal if you are sensitive to certain aromas.