Academie Eye Contour Gel

academieeyecontourgelLooking for a product that will help to de-puff your eyes, look no more.  Academie’s Eye Contour Gel is by far one of the best eye products on the market.  It is really hard to treat puffiness around the eyes but Academie has found the right ingredient cocktail that will help diminish the water retention underneath the eyes.

A light, oceanic blue coloring gel full of liposomes, soothing agents and moisture help to rid the eyes of unnecessary fluid and at the same time lock in moisture around the eye.  Place a small amount of the eye gel on the tips of your pinkies and gently pat around the eye, placing the gel onto the skin.  Using light pressure with your pinkies, circle around your eyes with the gel until it is completely rubbed in.  For best results, apply both morning and night.

Academie Eye Contour Gel receives 5.0 Stars.