Perkier Breasts

Alfred-Stieglitz-Torso-Miss-Thompson-1907Gravity, along with breast size are two major factors that cause breasts to sag over time.  It is one of the areas on the body that women either love or hate.  Not every female can afford a breast job and not every female wants to put something fake in their body either.  So what can a woman do to help fight gravity and keep their breasts somewhat youthful without going under the knife or popping pills?!?  There are 3 things that can help bring your breasts back to your teenage years:  Maintain a healthy weight for your body frame, Exercise with weight resistance and use bust creams.

yo-yo-dieting (1)Maintain a Healthy Weight for Your Body Frame:

The ups and downs of yo-yo dieting is not only bad for your body but it is bad for your breasts.  When your body has excess weight, your breasts become more full and heavy.  The weight fluctuations cause the breast tissue to grow and shrink and over time, the breasts start to droop.  Pregnancy and breast-feeding do take a toll on your breast and during those times, you should be proud to have such an amazing body that can produce life and nourishment to your baby.

pushupExercise With Weight Resistance:

Your breasts are basically padding.  What lies underneath your breast tissue is muscle.  Exercising with weights that target the muscles under your breast will help to keep the muscle tight and intact which helps to keep your breast from extreme drooping.  Chest press, incline press, push-ups and pull-ups are four exercises that can be done to strengthen your chest muscles.

Bust ModelingUse Bust Creams

Bust creams are formulated to help lift and/or create volume for the breast.  Some spas even have bust treatments where an exfoliation, massage and mask are performed on the breast to help treat them to retain elasticity and tonicity.  Applying a bust cream before bed and wearing a supportive bra during the day will help to keep them from drooping too fast.

The older a woman gets, the longer gravity has been against her but an older, wiser, woman will do her best to defy gravity and take care of her breasts.  It is nearly impossible to have the perky boobs you once had as a teen but it’s not impossible to get your breasts as perky as your body will allow.