Why Exfoliate Your Skin?

exfoliatingskinMost people cleanse their skin everyday and sometimes every night but not everybody exfoliates as much as they should.  Exfoliation is important to the skin by assisting the dead skin cells to be removed either mechanically or chemically.  Removing the dead skin cells allow for cleaner, smoother skin and also provides a great canvas for makeup application.

Your skin naturally sheds off dead skin cells every 28 days on young, healthy skin.  As you age, the rate in which your skin cells shed become longer than 28 days which starts to create a dull appearance on the skin.  Your skin also starts to change in scent.  Remember, your skin naturally does not smell, but your dead skin cells, that once were alive, start to create a smell.  Exfoliating your skin will wipe off the musky smell and awaken your skin to a revived, glowing, healthy appearance.