5 Exfoliating Tools for Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin can be done using a variety of tools, not just by chemicals and different forms of solid particles. Tools are a great way to remove dead skin cells from your skin and below is a list of 5 great ways your skin can be exfoliated.

1.  Clarisonic

This Clarisonic is the Pro Clarisonic and comes with the face and body removable heads.
This Clarisonic is the Pro Clarisonic and comes with the face and body removable heads. 

Made by the makers of the Sonicare Toothbrush, the Clarisonic is my favorite tool for exfoliation.  It was oscillating bristles which rotate simultaneously in opposite directions, providing a thorough, deep cleaning on the skin.  It literally is like taking a toothbrush to the skin and brushing off all the dead skin cells.  It is said to clean your skin 6x more than your hands.

Different kinds of interchangeable brush heads to fit your skin's needs.
Different kinds of interchangeable brush heads to fit your skin’s needs.

Clarisonic also created different brushes for your face and for your body, which makes this skincare tool, a full face and body exfoliation treatment.



2.  Hand Held Brush Headhandheldburshhead

Hand held brush’s are great for exfoliating the skin and are a lot cheaper than the Clarisonic.  One of my favorite brushes I found at the Dollar Store.  They are super easy to use, just move the tool over the skin in circular motions.  There is no need to press hard into the skin, that won’t give you a deeper exfoliation, it will just bend the bristles and create a damaged tool.  Use with gentle pressure on dry or wet skin.

Clean the brush after every use with warm soap and water.    Treat it like you would your toothbrush, when you notice the bristles are becoming warn, throw the brush out and purchase a new one.

3.  Dry Brushdry brushes

Dry brush’s are a wonderful exfoliating tool for the body.  They not only exfoliate the dead skin cells off of the skin but they also stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Do not use a dry brush on wet skin, it is named “Dry Brush” for the sole purpose of using it on dry skin.

Using gentle pressure,  hold the brush in your hand and rotate it across the skin with circular, upward motions.  It is important that you use upward motions, towards the heart because of both the circulatory and lymphatic systems that you are stimulating.

Clean the dry brush with soap and water and place upside to dry.  Throw out when you notice the bristles starting to become warn and broken down.

4.  Loofahloofah-pads

Loofah’s  are not as gentle as the dry brush is on the body.  They are more effective when used on dry skin but when they are used on dry skin, if used aggressively, can scratch the skin and possible break some of the skin causing it to bleed.  When used wet, the loofah will expand causing it to be less harsh on the skin.

Use the loofah on the skin just like any other exfoliating tool, in circular motions.   Loofah’s shouldn’t be used more than 3 times.  They are not as cleanable as the other tools, thus making them more unsanitary with every use.  The ideal loofah use is once.

5.  Exfoliating Towelsexfoliatingtowels

Exfoliating towels are different from a regular towel in that they are woven specifically to exfoliate the skin.  These can be used either wet or dry and the amount of the exfoliation varies depending on the amount of pressure used on the skin during the exfoliation.  Unlike the brushes, the towel does not have any bristles to be careful of damaging which creates the opportunistic exfoliator, a more refined finish on the skin.

Exfoliating towels are used the same way as any other exfoliation tool with circular motions on the skin.  Caution needs to be advised when using the towels.  Too much pressure and repeated use on the skin during a treatment can irritate the skin and break open some of the skin’s pores if used too aggressively.

The best part of the exfoliating towels is that you can throw it in the washer machine after each use.  Discard the exfoliating towel when you notice the woven cloth is not as tightly woven and becoming loose.

All 5 of these tools will give your skin the exfoliation it needs to remove dead skin cells.