Hemorrhoid Cream to Tighten Skin

Myth or Fact?  To help tighten loose skin, use a hemorrhoid cream.

imageFact. Preparation H-Cream, that white, toothpasty cream you use to treat those irritatable hemorrohids, helps to tighten your skin.

I used this cream everyday on my abdomen where I had loose skin from my pregnancy until the tube ran out. What I experienced was a small firming on my skin. The texture of my skin felt tacky, not soft when I was using it. After awhile I wanted to feel my soft skin again so once when the tube was out, I never repeated the treatment. The results weren’t anything significant to where I would continuously subject my skin to tacky texture; however, it did a minimal job on tightening the skin.

How does hemorroid cream work for tightening skin.  Preparation H has two active ingredients, they are: Pramoxine HCL 1% and Phenylephrine  HCL 0.25%. The Pramoxine HCL is used in this product as a topical steroid to help with any irritation on the skin, this is what soothes the skin, so if you have any irritation on the area you want to treat for tightening, this ingredient will help to treat that. The Phenylephrine HCL is the main ingredient in the product that is actually going to help with tightening the skin. Chemically, the Phenylephrine HCL when applied on the skin will act as a vasoconstrictor, which means will help to shrink the blood vessels, causing the skin to shrink (tighten). This is a temporary shrink and will soon wear off as the skin responds back to its previous state.

Preparation H can be used on the neck, arms, legs and abdomen. This is a very minimal, temporary fix.  The best way to treat loose skin areas is either through diet and exercise, laser and sculpting machines or if your skin is still too loose, the last solution would be surgery for removal of excess skin.