3 Things You Should Never Do With Active Acne

activeacneAcne is one of the most formidable skin irritations for the face.  Acne is caused by a blockage in the pore of the skin which in return, surfaces as a whitehead, blackhead or raised bump on the skin.  Depending on the kind of acne, if treated wrong, it can cause more damage to the skin.  Active acne is the acne that is surfacing on the skin, usually more bright in color and has pustules (acne containg pus) or papules (acne that is solid).  This is the acne that you want to be extra careful with so you won’t spread it to other areas of the skin.

3 Things You Should Never Do With Active Acne

Squeezing-acne1.  Never Pick at it.

Picking at the active acne on your skin will cause the bacteria in the active acne to be pushed farther under the skin if the acne is not ready to be extracted OR even worse, cause scarring on the skin.

scrubbingacne2.  Never Scrub it.

Scrubbing active acne is too harsh for the acne and will cause it to spread on other areas of the skin.  Use a mask or a chemical exfoliant to treat active acne.

dermatology3.  Never Not Treat it.

Not treating active acne can cause more acne to grow.  Acne is bacteria and if it finds a cozy place to dwell, it can last on the skin longer than necessary.  Seek a dermatologist if it is severe enough for proper treatment because some acne made need a prescribed medicine to target underlying issues causing the acne.

When caring for your active acne, use products that are specifically formulated for acne.  They have ingredients in them like benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid that help get into the pores and really clean out the bacteria.