Thanksgiving Feast With All the Dressings

thanksgivingdinnerEvery time this year, you are back at this holiday, wondering how many gluttonous pounds you will gain this time and if possibly you may fair better than last year, surrounded by the table with those you cherish most, or at least have to act like you cherish during your Thanksgiving feast.   The table will be adorned with Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, warm dinner rolls, pies, any type of dressing passed down from generations to each family and a plethora of drinks (alcoholic and/or nonalcoholic).

Sweet-Potato-cranberryAs you celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving, don’t think about the “should I’s” as you partake in this celebrated feast.  Think about the nourishment that the food will be giving your body and your skin.  Thanksgiving is full of a lot of antioxidants that we don’t tend to naturally “go-to” at any other times.  The dressings, like cranberry, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, yes stuffing, are rich in antioxidants.  (Researchers in Germany found that the bread crust, what we use to make stuffing with, is a rich source of antioxidants.)  So as you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, be grateful for all your many blessings, in all the various forms they are given to you.