How To Dye Your Own Eyebrows

Amazon is great for finding products at discounted rates.  I was surprised, thrilled, happy and yet disappointed that they would be selling a professional line, RefectoCil, for non-professional, consumer use.  Elated for my own at home treatments, I thought I would share with others how to use this wonderful product that is my most favorite product when it comes to dying facial hair.  It is a very simple and easy process.

The RefectoCil dye on my eyebrows right before removal.  Bottom right picture, completed eyebrow look from dying them with RefectoCil.
The RefectoCil dye on my eyebrows right before removal. Bottom right picture, completed eyebrow look from dying them with RefectoCil.

What You Will Need:

RefectoCil Dye -They come in a variety of colors.  I purchased the “pure black” for dying my eyelashes. (Do not dye your eyelashes on your own, see a licensed professional for eyelash dying.)  I also purchased the “natural brown” for my eyebrows.

Refectocil Oxidant-This is a 3% developer by Refectocil.  The Oxidant is what creates the dye to stay on the hair follicle.  You NEED this for the dye to work!

Painting Brush-A small, thin bristled brush to paint the dye on the eyebrows.

Small Glass Container-This is used to hold the dye and the Oxidant while it is being mixed.

Mixing Tool-A tool used to mix the dye and the oxidant together.

Vaseline (Pet)roleum Jelly)-This is used to apply around the areas you are dying.  If the dye lands on the Vaseline, it won’t stain the skin.  An easy trick to make sure your dye stains only the areas you want.

Q-tips-This is used for applying the Vaseline.

Isopropyl Acohol (Rubbing Alcohol)– Strips the natural oil from the skin so the dye will stain the hair follicle better.

Cotton Balls-Used for applying the alcohol on the skin.

Gel Cleanser-After the dye has processed, this is the cleanser that will be used to remove the dye from the eyebrows and skin.

Cotton Rounds/4×4 Cotton Pads-Used to remove the dye from the eyebrow.

Step By Step Guide:

Disclaimer:* I am a licensed professional who has performed many eyebrow tints/dying.  Use this product with caution.  If at anytime, your skin feels irritated or itchy, remove immediately.  If you accidentally get this product in your eyes, immediately remove and flush your eyes with water or an eyewash station.

1.  Dab some isopropyl alcohol onto a cotton ball and rub over the entire area of the eyebrows.

2.  Place a small amount of Vaseline onto a Q-tip and apply around the eyebrows.  Any area where you do not want the skin to be stained.  *If you accidentally apply too much of the Vaseline, don’t try to rub it off if, it will smear into the cleaned eyebrow, unless you got it into the eyebrow.  In that case, remove the Vaseline in its entirety and repeat from step 1.

3.  Add equal parts of the dye and the Oxidant in a small glass container.  You do not need a lot of the product, use only a dab of the dye with 5-6 drops of the Oxidant.

4.  Mix the dye and Oxidant together with the mixing tool until it forms a soft, semi-thick consistency.

5.  Using the paintbrush, apply the mixture onto the eyebrow, following the shape of the eyebrow.  It is okay if you go outside of the eyebrow because the Vaseline will protect the skin from staining.  Once applied on both eyebrows, apply again if necessary making sure to apply a little pressure to the eyebrow, setting in the dye and oxidant.

6.  Leave on the skin for 5-15 minutes.  The longer the mixture stays on the eyebrow, the better it will dye the hair follicle.  Don’t leave it on past the 15 minutes, it could start to irritate the skin.

7.  Apply just a dab of gel cleanser on a cotton round and wet it with warm water.  Take off the dye starting from the outside of the eyebrow going into the center of the eyebrow.  (You can go either direction, I have found that by starting at the end of the eyebrow and working towards the center of the eyebrow, creates a more easily removal, with less of a mess from the dye).  Use a 4×4 cotton pad if you need more surface area removal.

*The gel cleanser I used to remove the RefectoCil from my eyebrows is Apivita’s Cleansing Gel Oily/combination Skin.

The RefectoCil dye will stay on the eyebrow for 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of skincare products you use on your skin and the amount of sun exposure the eyebrows will receive.

Watch my tutorial guide on YouTube for a visual of how to dye your eyebrows.

RefectoCil Kit from Amazon.
RefectoCil Kit from Amazon.

Amazon RefectoCil Color Kit comes with the RefectoCil dye, RefectoCil Oxidant 3%, two mixing tools, a small glass container and a painting brush.

RefectoCil receives 5.o Stars.


Not only does RefectoCil sell products for eyebrow and eyelash tinting/dying, they also sell products for eyelash perming.  Eyelash perming actually uses a small rod to curl the eyelashes.  Always seek out a licensed professional for products concerning your delicate eyes.