2016 the Year of FIT SKIN

Image (1)Welcome to the new year of 2016!  How exciting it is to start another year in this millenium.  Every year technology gets more advanced and gadgets are launched that can treat the skin better than the previous years and skincare companies discover new ingredients and better formulations that enable people to look younger.  Pretty soon, a long advantageous expedition will discover the fountain of youth and we all will be partaking in its glorious power but for now we will do all we can until that happens.

This year, the year 2016, is the year of FIT SKIN.  Taking care of your skin is just like working out.  If you do a workout every now and then, you will not get the results your body needs but if you do a consistent workout every week, your body will be in great shape.  Consider taking care of your skin like working out.  A diligent, weekly skincare regimen will create healthy, glowing, “FIT SKIN”.  It takes some time out of your day but time well spent.  When people ask me how I get my skin so glowing and healthy, I tell them that I work on it every single day.  My skin is extremely important to me and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that it stays healthy.

To have FIT SKIN you have to be dedicated to “working it out”, feeding it right and making sure you get plenty of rest.  Make the year 2016 your FIT SKIN Year and get the look you have been desiring.  I’ll help you through it as I help myself through it as well.  Having FIT SKIN does not come easy but with dedicated consistency, the work will show on its own.