The Cleaner

Welcome to the new year and welcome yet another year to detox your body of wastes from the previous year. I have found the most effective cleanser for your body called, The Cleaner. The name is so fitting because it literally cleans out all the extra wastes lying in your body.image

About six months ago, I wanted to do a cleanse for my body. I did the master cleanse, “lemonade diet” and was not feeling like I was really receiving the cleanse that I wanted, I needed something a little more stimulating to my body to create the detoxification that I needed so I headed to the Vitamin Shoppe.  Their I was informed about, The Cleaner, by one of the employees. He told me it’s the best detoxification herbs he’s ever tried. He said that I just need to make sure to consume plenty of water while taking the capsules and I will get the desired results I’ve been wanting.

With the name, The Cleaner, I was doubtful that it would “clean” me out because I tried so many detoxification kits with morning and night pills, teas, salt water cleanses, I tried it all. How could just a couple of herbal pills detoxify my systems?  I was skeptic. So I started with 2 capsules before bed with 16 ounces of water. I woke up the next morning and nothing happened. Disappointed again by another herbal gimmick, I went to the gym for my morning workout. Midway through my workout, The Cleaner, had woken and I found myself in the ladies restroom, witnessing the effects of these two herbal capsules I had taken the night before. Yes!  I was beyond elated!

For one week, 7 days, straight I followed the directions of this 25 naturally blended herbal detoxification regimen. I had never felt so clean and instantly felt relieved of all the toxins that had been building up in my body from a such a poor diet I had become accostumed to over the years. Now, every 3 months I purchase, The Cleaner, and allow it to go to work, cleaning out the old and giving a kickstart to a renewed system.

The Cleaner has both a Men’s Formula and a Women’s Formula and also has either a 7 day cleanse or a 14 day cleanse. As with any product, when you see great results, you want to keep using it but your body needs to be able to self-stimulate the organs for detoxification, that is why I do it every 3-4 months so my body can function on its own for a time period.

The Cleaner receives a 5 Star Rating! Visit their website, for more information on the herbs used and how to purchase yourself the best internal cleanser I have tried to date in the health industry.