What is Cellulite?

What is this clustering of nodules that makes your skin’s appearance misshapen and unpleasing to the eye?  Cellulite is one of the most noticeable underlying skin textures that can keep you from wearing anything that would expose its existence.  It doesn’t matter how skinny or big you are, if you’re male or female, cellulite doesn’t decipher between the body shapes or the sexes because it’s too busy settling all cozy-like in the body.  Once when it’s found the right resting spot, it begins to build its home.

imageYour skin has 3 layers, the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis (subcutaneous layer). It is in the latter layer, the subcutaneous layer, where the fat and connective tissue reside. The subcutaneous layer acts as a passageway for the blood vessels and nerves from the dermis to the muscles. It also is the tissue that protects your muscles and bones when you come into impactful contact with your body. It is in this layer that cellulite takes form.

imageCellulite is deposits of fat within the fibrous connective tissue (muscle) lying in the subcutaneous layer which form dimples/ bumpy appearances under the skin.  These fat deposits can be found anywhere on the body but the most common areas are in the buttocks, hips and thighs for both males and females, with just a slight variance of distribution among the sexes.  Since cellulite is in the fibrous connective tissue, the best way to treat it is through diet and exercise. Feeding your body the right kind of food that can be broken down and released within the body and working out the muscles will keep cellulite away.   That is why cellulite can be found in both skinny and big body shapes both male or female because the food that is being fed to the body is not breaking down, leaving a residual aftermath of fat deposits.

If you have cellulite right now, it is by far not the worse thing your body could have. The great news about cellulite is that you can get rid of it, just like it appeared, it can disppear with consistent exercise and healthy eating.