What Will You Do With an Extra Day?

leapdayToday is February 29th, a day that occurs every four years, a day that has been nicknamed, “Leap Day”.  So what will you do with this extra day?  Will you revisit your New Year’s Resolutions and evaluate what you have achieved, what needs to be achieved or what will realistically, cannot be achieved at this time?  Will you get the courage to ask out that crush you’ve been bonkers over for some time?  Will you try a new project that you have been wanting to do but either procrastination has got the betterment of you or your self-doubt has tarnished your will?  Will you forgive someone that has hurt you and stop holding on to feelings of anger and resentment and allow your soul freedom of what cannot be taken back but free to let go and move on?

ridingdolphinsWill you allow yourself to live in the moment, fully engaged in the time that exists right now, not thinking about tomorrow?  Will you escape out of your safe zone and experience something new letting go of all inhibitions?  Will you workout a little harder, pushing your body to its maximum potential?  Will you sing out loud, to where others can hear you and you don’t care if you’re off tune or not?  Will you hug a stranger who is in need of human touch?  Will you dance to the beat of your own drum, not following in the movement of another?  Will you take a stand for what is just and necessary for humanity?  Will you drink water out of the faucet not thinking twice if it is filtered or not?  Will you share a secret with someone close to you, letting go of all fear of judgement?  Will you write in a journal, giving full detail of the things you did on this “Leap Day of 2016”.  Whatever you choose to do this extra day of the year, make it memorable, don’t waste this God given, 24-hour extra time-frame slip away like it is just any other day.  Remember there are those wanting, desiring, asking and praying for an extra day, live this day for them…live this day for you!

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