April Showers Bring May Flowers


May is here and the April rains have sprung growth among the flowers.  Flowers not only are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but each and every flower expel a different scent and awaken a different response physically to the skin and mentally awakens the emotions.



Flowers are beneficial to wellness, by awakening your mental state, it allows the mind to connect to an emotional response, whether it be good or bad, a reaction occurs when the eye sees certain flowers and the nose inhales their scents.


Flowers are associated with memories, flashing back to events, places and dates of where and when they were made.


Flowers deliver different benefits to the skin which help to calm, soothe, treat ailments, tighten, firm, heal and many more additional benefits.


Flowers add to wellness, they add to skincare.  Appreciate the beauty they create freely within the lands they grow and be grateful for their abundance of various benefits to serve mother earth and aid in all forms of life whether it be mammal or plant.


Thank you April for your showers that bring such beautiful May flowers.