Degree Your Feet

Okay, I don’t know if you’re like me but I love shoes! High heels, flats, flip-flops, tennis shoes, boots any new fun and unique shoes that grabs my attention and will go with my style, I love to put them on my feet.  The only thing I don’t love is breaking in the new shoes.  The soreness and blisters that come with wearing the new pair of shoes makes for a very unhappy next couple of days as I walk and reminisce of how I was super excited to wear them prior to the agony of when I was able to take them, hoping that they made the full length of time I had planned wearing them.

Over and over, I find myself talking to my shoes like a kid who just got in trouble, “Why oh why did you have to ruin my night?  I was having such a great time until you had to act up and ruin things.  You’re getting a much needed time out.”

I started rethinking my purchases, playing a shoe scientist as I would factor in the event, the shoe height, the shoe restrictions on my feet and the amount of time I would be in the shoes until I was able to take them off.  Some shoes sat on the shelves as I gave them a despairing stare, knowing that I could not purchase them because they would not be able to live up to my plans for them.  I started feeling like a shoe retiree and it was cramping my style until I came across this brilliant skincare tip;

*Using an antiperspirant will help to keep feet from blistering.

I went out and purchased these fun, high-heel, open-toed booties and a Men’s Degree fresh deodorant, antiperspirant.

Not just any kind of antiperspirant can be used.  It has to be a non-powder, smooth, antiperspirant stick.  A stick that is solely deodorant will not work because deodorants are used to help with the pungent odors leaving the skin.  An antiperspirant helps to treat perspiration, sweat.  Some sticks offer both, a deodorant and an antiperspirant and that is what I chose with the Men’s Degree deodorant/antiperspirant stick, the scent is entirely a personal choice.

I applied a generous amount of the Men’s Degree all over the top, bottom, side, toes, and heel of my foot, reapplied a few more times and repeated the same application process on my other foot.  As I slipped my feet into my shoes, it felt like how I’d imagine a snake’s skin would feel moving along objects, with a fluid motion and slimy.  Granted, I did just apply 50 shades of Men’s degree on my feet, well, so it seemed.

I attended my son’s navy boot camp graduation in the Great Lakes of Illinois, just outside of Chicago, with these new bootie high-heels, a true testament to see if this antiperspirant was a theory or an actual fact.  Walking around on the naval base was no small feat for my feet, there were many steps involved with stairs and long standing times.  When I was able to take my shoes off after four hours of wear, I was happy to see no blisters, a little bit of redness but they were not extremely sore, they were soft and smelt super fresh.  At that moment, I was able to declare that the antiperspirant use for the help in prevention of blistering the feet, is indeed, a fact.


Since then, I have used the Men’s Degree on my feet when needed and found that if I don’t lubricate my feet enough, I have acquired blisters.  It is important to make sure the feet have a very generous amount of the antiperspirant on the feet and if necessary, reapply.  Just think of the snake’s skin, it wouldn’t be able to move so easily over grass, dirt, roads, etc., if it didn’t have enough lubrication itself.

Next time you’re out shopping and you think your feet won’t be able to wear those shoes you can’t stop staring, think again with the use of an antiperspirant.

*Skincare tip, apply antiperspirant on the palms of the hands to help with excessive sweating.