New Beginnings

I am happy to announce that I have found a new home off the Gulf coast in Florida where the powder-soft sand wades amongst the soles of my shifting feet.  The sea breeze carries me gently to places I have yet to discover within my soul and with each sunrise and sunset, I grow ever so curious as to where I need to be, knowing that this is my present destiny.  Where my future lies is far within my reach for I am living in the moment, resonating the environment from which I reside.  Peace succumbs the depths of me.

Toil, a word within itself that tugs at the strings of every person whose delved in strenuous work be it mental, physical or any other form of resistance to a free spirit.  Work should not become the definition of my routine albeit provides sustainability.  No…no… it is not work that I shall fall victim, expiring me before my golden years, raping my mortality.  It is but passion, passion that is my torch to my existence.  Rising in the gifted morning hours, I awake, aspired by my dreams manifesting into reality.  This…this is the moment where acknowledgment of the heart bleeds life, knowing that my body is interdependent solely on my soul.  To waste God’s design is blasphemous to only me so I purge the laziness that seduces me with enormous persistence, tempting me to lie baron of monetary fruits that I sow. I sow!  Value becomes invaluable when my hands reap rewards from my productivity.  So I rise.

New Beginnings abide with each thought, each breath, each step, inspiring the direction to the path I am to walk.  In the distance yields serenity.  It is there by which the spirit within me walks freely from the past, embracing the light of my future.