Single Leg Barbell Step-Ups Followed by Box Jumps


Sculpt leaner legs and a firmer butt with this two-part set.

Using a barbell, find a weight that is comfortable to lift with your legs.

Place the barbell along your shoulders, take a single step up on a box, making sure to raise the opposite knee to a 90 degree.  Repeat this for 10 complete step ups on one single leg.  After the 10 have been completed switch to the other leg and repeat for 10 repetitions.  The single barbell step ups help to build tighter calves, leaner hamstrings and quadriceps as well as building a firmer butt.



Without resting in between the next set, perform 20 box jumps on a comfortable height.  The most important part of box jumps is to raise the legs engaging the lower abdominal muscles.  Box jumps not only help to build a better butt but to also help builder tighter abs.

Perform this duo-set 4 times.