Swarvoski Crystals and Red Fingernail Polish

Swarvoski Crystal Fun

My personality shines with my makeup applications.  If there is one thing that I could consider living on the edge about, it would be in who I wear my makeup.  I like to create bold, dramatic, new and different designs on my skin with whatever I vision in my mind, I manifest it with the tools that I have.

A few years back I created my New Year’s Eve look with Gold and Red Swarvoski crystals around my eyebrow line, inner eye and nose.


To top it off, I used my, “You Rock-Apulco Red”, fingernail polish by O.P.I. on my lips finishing it off with a clear coat of gloss to seal the look.  The only problem with using the fingernail polish is that it started to chip away after a couple of hours.  The gloss created too much moisture for the paint.




Swarvoski Crystals

I was the only person in the room with my makeup creation and that is how I like to be, bold and different.  I may wear only mascara during the day but when the time comes for me to go play, the fun starts with applying my makeup and what better way to start some fun than with some crystal bling on the skin.