My Guidelines to Rating a Product

starratingWith so many reviewers out there, I thought I would post my guidelines when it comes to rating a product on my blog.  I use a scale rating of stars:

 Scale Rating of 1-5.

Stars seem to be fitting when rating products.  A product can rate anywhere between a 1 to 5 on a linear scale, 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating.  Every product I rate begins at a 5 before I review it.  If the product didn’t match my guidelines to a 5 Star Product, then deductions are taken away from the 5 once I used the product.

Amra’s 5 Guidelines to Rating a Product:

1.  Verbiage Matching the Product.

Too many times, consumers are sold on lies.  Products themselves deliver the truth.  No matter what may be written on the packaging, if the ingredients and results don’t correspond with what is written, then the star rating will be deduced.

2.  Quality of the Product.

The cost of a product doesn’t determine it’s quality, it is the effectiveness of the product on the skin that quantitate’s its value.  When the product is applied on the skin, is it benefitting the skin, if not, then the star rating will be deduced.

3.  Ingredients.

Formulations are everything when it comes to products.  A product that is poorly created with sub par formulations will have its star rating deduced.

4.  Scents.

Scents are important when it comes to products.  Pleasant, welcoming aromas are important to our olfactory system, it invites a safeguard environment for products to work.  Overpowering scents take away from the pleasantry of the product and disrupt our natural mechanisms, because of this the star rating will be deducted.

5.  Practical Packaging.

Products can have the most beautiful packaging but if the product is unable to be pumped out or easily extracted from its container, then its star rating will be deducted.

These 5 Star Rating guidelines are what I base my rating system.  With a good core education of Biochemistry, I am able to evaluate the formulations with a deduced fairness, along with my hands-on experience using a wide range of products on all skin types.