Skin To Caretaker


Will you please stop?!?

Look at me.

Am I pleasing to the eye?!?


You call this love?!?

Care for me.

Can you just give me some TLC?!?


Do I not deserve quality?!?

Protect, shield me.

Will you provide me shelter?!?


Am I functioning properly?!?

Neglect, abandon me.

You are all I got?!?


Can you feed me healthy nutrients?!?

You and me.

Do you?!?…and I’ll do me.






Navy Mom to America- Take Care of My Son

IMG_0553The 4th of July has new meaning to me.  I never thought I would have a child enlist in the Navy and do so with love of his country and strength of overcoming the unknown.  Today, this Independence Day, I celebrate with joy of being an American and a chilling fear of his future.  I’ve always been the mama bear, protective of my baby but now I can no longer be that watcher over my son.  The torch of his life has been passed on to another and I pray it will burn bright for many years to come.  I’m a proud American, a proud Navy mom, and I have written this poem to the mother of the country my child will be protecting.


Dear America,

Take care of my son.

As he proudly serves you and does faithfully with honor, courage and vigor…

Take care of my son.

From boy to man, my child to yours…

Take care of my son.

As he rides the waves of the seas, crosses vasts oceans…

Take care of my son.

As he walks on the lands of foreign grounds…

Take care of my son.

As he salutes you and pledges his loyalty…

Take care of my son.

As he has chosen a new form of family, among your branches and ranks…

Take care of my son.

As I pray and am blindly a bystander, awaiting his homecoming…

I, down on my knees, a Navy mom, humbly ask you, America, to…

Take care of my son.


Navy Mom