Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Hair

apivitashinerevshamconWhen I decided to strip my natural brunette hair color to go blonde, in no way did I think about the severe damage I would be doing to my hair, at least to the extent as to which it sadly became.  Washing my hair was a task and miserable.  My hair felt like a dry, lifeless mop on top of my head.  Combing thru my hair became quite the challenge and frustrated me so much that I would just throw it back in a couple hair ties and call it good.  Finding the right shampoo and conditioner was a must… and then along came Apivita to save the day.

Made with honey and citrus, Apivita’s Propoline- Shine and Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner-is the most gentle, softening, detangler duo that not only smells like a sweet summer’s day but also leaves my hair manageable to comb thru and gives it a beautiful shine.  It has proven to exceed my expectations on treating my extremely damaged, dry, blonde hair.  If it takes care of my hair this good, being that is in a fragile state, I could only imagine the wonders it would do to all kinds of hair.  This is one shampoo and conditioner combination that everybody should have in their shower.



Apivita Shine and Revitalizing Shampoo receives 5 Stars.





Apivita Shine and Revitalizing Conditioner for All Hair Types receives 5 Stars.