Do Something That Scares You

IMG_0620I just recently purchased a journal that made me dig deep into my fears and limitations.  It is entitled, Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You a journal.  Looking at it gives off a chilling response and made me wonder what words would be looming inside for me.  I blindly turned to a page in the book and it boldly read, “IT IS BETTER TO BE A LION FOR A DAY THAN A SHEEP ALL YOUR LIFE.”  On the opposite page were the words…”I was a LION today by:”… and  was followed by seven blank lines.


Could I fill all those seven lines?  How could I be a lion for day?  What exactly does a lion do for a day?!? All these questions were popping up in my head.  The thought of  being a lion for the day automatically gave me a sense of pride, of power, of an untouchable animal reigning high within the hierarchy of the food chain.

lionandsheepHow often do I test my limitations?  My fears?  To overcome the barriers that set me back from excelling?  How many times have I been a sheep when I could’ve, should’ve been a lion?  This book raises questions that I haven’t thought about asking and that is why it is so great.  To step beyond the norm and put myself in situations that will challenge my fears and build my character is far more rewarding than living in a box, staying sheltered from exhorting my will for instinctual fight or flight survival.