Couple’s Massage Course



Treat each other this Valentine’s by learning a skill to care for one another that will last a lifetime.

Have you ever wanted to give your loved one a massage wondering if they were liking what you were doing or if you were even doing it right? Wanted to last longer than 5 minutes but your hands were hurting so you stopped? Most couple’s feel this way. When it comes to massaging your significant other, there are techniques that you can learn that will assist you in doing the right strokes so your hands will last longer and your loved one will feel relief in their body.

Learn to massage like a pro by a pro in this 3 Hour Couple’s Massage Course. Being a Continuing Education provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, there was one area of massage that I saw no one covering, and that is in a course for couples to learn how to massage each other. Couple’s come into spas and other establishments getting a massage in the same room by professionals but leave without the skills to massage each other in the intimacy of their own home. I would like to teach you and your significant other how to apply professional techniques to one another when we’re not around to do the job. About Me

Learn playful techniques like Thai massage, nick-named, the “lazy man’s yoga” to stretch each other, relieving tension in the lower back and legs. Loving techniques that will rid stress from the face and head. Caring techniques to flush out toxins from the body. This course will be customized to you and your partner’s needs for each other.

This 3 Hour Couple’s Massage Course has two options:

  1. Train in my Solo Boutique Spa for $1850 located in South Beach, Miami.
  2. Train in the comforts of your home, where I come to you for $3700.

Receive a gift basket valued at $500 to create the mood for a luxury spa experience.

Create the ultimate Couple’s Massage Course Experience that will truly leave the professional touch behind by purchasing a massage table. This portable massage table used by the pros has an Eco-Friendly design, made of Hard Maple and Superior Comfort. I will show you how to assemble and deassemble to the massage table so you and your loved one can store it away when not in use.

Massage Table – $500

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