Real Honey Ointment

Four ingredients:  Raw Honey, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Olive Oil.  Sometimes it’s the simplicity within a product that is all your skin needs.  Developed and formulated by Dr. Atif M. Malik from my neighboring desert state of Arizona.  Dr. Malik, inspired by his patients and his passion for Chemistry, has developed a natural ointment that I would consider to be an important, medicinal staple for your medicine cabinet to help treat certain skin ailments.

I have 2 case studies of my own to share and the pictures speak for themselves.



Day 1

Case Study One.

My son, Maximus, is always coming home with a new story to tell of his football practices, scrimmages and games.  While at one of his scrimmages he obtained a large piece of his skin rubbed off by a big tackle on the field.  I thought I would use Dr. Malik’s REAL Honey Ointment to treat his skin.

Day 1.

Maximus’ skin had already gone through the scabbing and oozing stage of the initial injury.  This is approximately the third week after he first acquired the open wound on his arm from tackling his opponent onto the ground.  As you can see, the skin has been traumatized and hypopigmentation as well as a little hyperpigmentation has formed were his skin tissue was torn from his arm.

Day 2

Day 2.

The skin has started to look a little more vibrant.  The pink tone that was in Maximus’ skin on Day 1 is almost diminished.  The hypopigmentation is starting to get pigment back into the skin.

Day 3

Day 3.

The skin keeps filling in with more pigment where the hypopigmentation is found.  The hyperpigmentation is slowly starting to fade, lessening excessive pigmentation on the skin.


Day 4

Day 4.

As each day passed, Maximus’ skin injury filled in two-thirds of pigment into his hypopigmentation.  The skin is ultra-moisturized allowing a safe barrier of oil to protect his skin from dryness.

Day 5

Day 5.

The skin by Day 5 has produced so much melanin production where the skin was traumatized by the injury which caused hypopigmentation.  The hyperpigmentation is starting to lessen, returning back to Maximus’ natural skin coloring.

Day 6

Day 6.

Within 6 days, Maximus’ injury had received three-fourths of his skin with pigmentation.  The skin looks like it is healing greatly from the terrible injury it had received a few weeks prior.  The skin does not irritate him because of the emollient the ointment has in it which helps to protect his skin from losing moisture.  Both the hypopigmentation and the hyperpigmentation are diminishing and it only took 6 days.

Day 30.

Current Day. Day 30.

Only one month later and Maximus’ injury looks almost completely healed.  Small spots on his arm with hypopigmentation linger with mild hyperpigmentation.  Looking at his arm from a distance and his injury looks unnoticeable.  The REAL Honey Ointment helped in the healing process of his skin which was traumatized by his football tackle.

Case Study Two.

This next case study was done on myself.  I saw the results that Maximus was receiving by using the ointment and chose to use it to treat irritated skin on my eyes.

*Disclaimer-This product is not recommended to use around the eyes or to be ingested.

Day 1

Day 1.

Look closely into the crease of my eyelids.  Both of my eyelids were suffering from acute dermatitis.  They were so irritated that even the skin had abrasions in the creases and caused mild pain on the lids.  I had treated them with an arnica gel and soothing eye cream and neither of those treatments were working.  A whole week had passed and my eyelids were not getting better, only worse.  That is when I chose to use the REAL Honey Ointment and applied it directly onto the irritated skin only.

Day 3

Day 3.

After only two nights of using the ointment on my eyes, not only did the pain go away but the acute dermatitis was gone.  My eyelids were completely healed from their irritation, the inflammation and the tiny abrasions.  With only two night treatments, I could not believe that the ointment was what finally healed them after multiple attempts from different, natural treatments.  It has been a month since I last treated my eyes with the ointment and have not received a reoccurrence of acute dermatitis on my eyelids.

As you can see from both case studies, the REAL Honey Ointment aided in treating both my son and myself.    Only a small amount of ointment was used during each application, leaving three-fourths of the ointment left in the 0.5 ounce container.  Dr. Atif M. Malik states that some of his clients have used his ointment for their dark spots and dermatitis and wonders if possibly it could be beneficial in treating stretch marks and scars.  I can definitely make the claim that it helped to treat hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, accelerated scarring healing and acute dermatitis.  This is truly a medicinal ointment that should be a staple must-have in the medicine cabinet.

REAL Honey Ointment by Dr. Atif M. Malik receives 5.o Stars.

Cell Revive Brightening Serum

stemology_serum_complete_800_award-510x649Stemology delivered when they created this serum, rich with properties that help fight against aging and hyperpigmentation.  One of my biggest concerns with the skin on my face is hyperpigmentation, the over production of melanin within my skin.  Hyperpigmentation is extremely hard to treat and Stemology was able to create a product that is gentle on the skin and treats the darker coloring on my face magically.

Of course, the hyperpigmentation did not go away within a few uses.  I was diligent with the serum and used it for a month straight.  I noticed the one age spot I had on my cheek has faded and the hyperpigmentation on my forehead, cheeks and around the eyes have started to break down, removing some of the discoloring while also fading the stubborn areas.

Always a skeptic when a company says that their product treats hyperpigmentation because I have been disappointed time and time again with no improvements until trying Stemology’s serum.  Their StemCore-3 concoction of stem cells is brilliant.  The coloring of the serum is brown, like nature’s organically made blanket of herbs.  It does not smell fragrant and delightful because it is natural, no additives to take away from its healthy design.  Just apply a pump or two into the palm of your hand and rub into your skin.  Give it sometime to do its wonders on your face.  Not only will hyperpigmentation be treated but your skin will have a nice bright, even tone.

Stemology’s Cell Revive Brightening Serum receives 5 Stars.




For best results, use Stemology’s Cell Revive Brightening Serum with Stemology’s Cell Reboot Ageless Mask .


Vitamin C + Retinol Mask

vitamin CretinolmaskEmerginC’s Vitamin C + Retinol Mask is a great mask for firming, brightening, hydration and evening the skin tone.  Using a fan brush, apply the mask evenly  onto the face, neck and decollette.  There may be a slight tingling sensation felt on the skin when applied, this is caused from the active ingredients of the vitamin c and retinol.  The tingling sensation will dissipate after a little while on the skin.

While the mask is on the skin, the face will start to become tight and firm.  The tightening on the skin is my favorite sensation.  When I look in the mirror while the mask is on my skin, everywhere the mask is, my skin looks smooth and youthful, I wish it could look like that all the time. Leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes or until the mask becomes dry on the skin and remove with cool, damp cloth.

Removing the mask takes a little bit of time because it has to be removed gently.  Areas around the eyes and the nose are sensitive and feel a little irritated if removed harshly.  Keep in mind that these are active ingredients and are meant to cause cellular turnover which will cause the skin to be sensitive.

I would not recommend using this mask more than 2 times a week.  IF the skin becomes irritated and dry, lessen the amount of times of using the mask and also the length of time the mask sits on the skin.

This mask is a great mask for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and a deep exfoliation.

Vitamin C + Retinol Mask by EmerginC receives 5 STARS.


Cell Reboot Ageless Mask


Cell Reboot Ageless Mask with StemCore-3 by Stemology, is radiance in a jar.  With a variety of AHA’s (Alpha Hyrdoxy Acids), DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), Sea Algae, Green Tea Extract, Stemology’s proprietary blend of StemCore-3, Hyaluronic Acid, Oat Kernel Extract and Argan Oils, this mask is truly result oriented.

I’ve tried many masks to help with my very undesirable hyper-pigmentation and none have been as successful as this mask.  After just one use, I was able to notice a little lightening on the darker portions of my skin which have been plaguing me for a few years now.  JUST ONE USE!  *NO, this product does not have retinol, hydroquinone or kojic acid in it.

Of course, you’re not going to see your hyper-pigmentation disappear after one use because hyper-pigmentation has many underlying causes, but you will see a small difference.  Accumulation of Cell Reboot Ageless Mask treatments over time will help to treat hyper-pigmentation and give your skin a more even-tone appearance.  This mask can treat other skin concerns as well, such as:  wrinkles, dry skin, sun damage, enlarged pores and sensitive skin.

When you apply the Cell Reboot Ageless Mask over your skin, make sure to apply it to your face, neck and decollete.  When you first apply it, you may experience a warm, tingling sensation.  This is caused by the AHA’s that are in the product:  natural pumpkin, papaya, pomegranate and pineapple extract.  AHA’s help to exfoliate the skin which give your skin that natural radiant look.  Another contributor to the micro-circulation/warming effect on the skin is the StemCore-3.  The StemCore-3 is working at a cellular level, as a smart cell, finding the collagen and helping to repair cells that can be repaired, rejuvenating the skin and restoring the youth that still lingers.

Leave this mask on for 15-20 minutes.  The tingling sensation may last the first couple of minutes if your skin is very dry and sensitive. I always kept the mask on for 20 minutes to achieve great use of the product, more applications (less product usage) and also more time for the product to work on my skin.  The ingredients are very active and are consistently working on your skin when the mask is on.

stemology-cell-rebootpumpThe color of the mask is similar to that of a highly seasoned, pumpkin pie and smells like raw, apple juice that has the “Mother” in it.  Needless to say, I felt like the mask was the real deal, organic in every way without all the parabens, added colors and added scents that brands like to use to cover the natural scents and colors.  When Stemology writes, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, and ZERO PETROCHEMICALS, there is no doubt that this product is all natural.

The recommended us is 1-2 times weekly and I would agree.  I wouldn’t use this mask more than that in one week because of the potency of the ingredients.  Too much use could cause sensitivity to the skin.  This mask would also be great to use on the tops of hands that are overworked and need some TLC, not more than once a week if you choose to give your hands a nice mask treatment.

The only thing I did not care much for on this mask was it’s packaging. In the package, resides a rich, divine product and the container found it too good to let it go I guess.  The lid is a push-down lid and is designed to dispense a single-use.  At times I would pump and it would suck the product back in side, like it was playing peek-a-boo with me.  I would bypass the trouble of pumping and just twist the top part of the container off when you use this mask.


Stemology Cell Reboot Ageless Mask with StemCore-3 recieves 4.5 STARS.four_half-stars_0-1024x238

 I would love to give this product 5 stars because the collective brilliance of the formulators shine in this mask but it is not easily accessible at times which takes away the full package of the product as a whole.

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P.S.  Pair the Cell Revive Brightening Serum with the Cell Reboot Ageless Mask to achieve even better results.  Your skin will thank you.